March 9th, 2017

Dean W

Is this page still on?

For those of you who found your way here looking for Three Strikes --- link to story on Ao3.

To my QAF friends who are wondering who the heck this is showing up on their feeds after so long... *waves*

I can hardly believe it's been three years since I posted here. I honestly looked to see if it was possible that LJ had the dates wrong. o_O  Nope. I suppose it's obvious that I have moved on somewhat from my obsession with all things QAF, however, if the fabled reunion ever takes place, I will be there with bells on!! Brian Kinney remains my all-time favourite tv character, but I fear he has some pretty close competition now in Mr. Dean Winchester. It seems I have a kink and it's gorgeous, witty, complicated, kickass anti-heroes-who-are-really-actual-heroes.

Yes, it's true, I've been bitten (and smitten) by the Supernatural bug. I didn't think anything could rival the Great Binge-Watch of '09 in which I watched all 83 episodes over a couple weeks. And then, a fellow QAF fanfic fan who shall remain blameless nameless, demanded suggested I read this really great story about the Winchester brothers. The rest is history...  10.5 seasons (205 episodes) in three weeks, 50 more 'live' since then. I love it (and at times I hate it) but there is always Dean to make it better :)

I offer up my humblest apologies to those who followed Stronger and believed in my promise that it would be finished. I have no excuse, only an explanation that life intervened in unexpected ways and kind of took the wind out of my sails for the story line. I do have a part 5 completed and the bones of the 6th and final chapter, but I don't know if I'll ever have the heart to finish it.  I won't say that it will never be revisited, but for now, let's call it an indefinite hiatus. I am so sorry.

I have written a couple of SPN stories, the one that instigated this post, and one other. They are on A03 here

TL/DR  q_dicted is back on LJ and apologizes for being lame.