June 11th, 2013


Gale Harold Can Still Blush

So yeah. I fulfilled two of my bucket-list goals this Sunday. I saw the face of god Gale Harold in person, and I was able to say a personal thank you to both Gale & Randy for giving us Brian & Justin. I am a happy woman. SO many wonderful moments for me, and I will try to organize my thoughts over the next few days to write a proper recap, but for now, I'd love to share just two that will stand out in my memory forever.

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Fantasy Meets Reality

One more story, but this belongs in a post of its own because it's a completely fangirlie, gushing, Oh My GOD moment for me. I have no idea if anybody heard it or was struck the same way by it, but it was a total Brian-Kinney-comes-to-life moment for me.

During the Cocktail Party speed-date, Gale was talking to a couple of the gals on the other side of the table. I have absolutely no idea what the conversation was about or what the response was in relation to, but I heard him say, "Great, it was great, it was great." My head snapped around so fast, and I swear I actually gasped out loud (ask the woman sitting next to me). It was the exact words and the exact voice that said them to Justin following their reunion sex in 502 when he came back from LA. (when he's tickling him to 'say it was great'.) In fact, during the scene that's been ^ ^ ^ ^ up there in my banner since I started this journal. Ahhh, it did this fangirl heart good!

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