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Gale Harold Can Still Blush

So yeah. I fulfilled two of my bucket-list goals this Sunday. I saw the face of god Gale Harold in person, and I was able to say a personal thank you to both Gale & Randy for giving us Brian & Justin. I am a happy woman. SO many wonderful moments for me, and I will try to organize my thoughts over the next few days to write a proper recap, but for now, I'd love to share just two that will stand out in my memory forever.

First, during Gale & Randy's second panel, I asked what is probably the most common question they get - but as I said then, I'm a relative newbie and *I* haven't heard the answers, so...  I asked what each of their favorite/most memorable scene from the show was. At first Gale hemmed and hawed and said there were too many/too hard to say (paraphrased), but I was not letting him off the hook so easily! I said, then tell me the first thing that came to mind when you heard the question. He thought some more, and then said it was the scene with Sharon when they get high (the first time). Yes, I've heard that answer before, but he also went on to add why it was special (his growing relationship with Sharon) and that in looking back, it was even more special now, years later, than he realized it was at the time. (Damn, that sentence made sense in my head, and did when he was saying it, but I'm not really putting it well. PLEASE GOD let it be on the dvd).

And then he also mentioned another scene, one I hadn't personally ever heard him mention before: the scene in the garage, with Jack - when Brian tells him he's gay. Again - paraphrased - but he talked about how it was so real, and one of the first times Brian wasn't being 'a peacock'. New information, for me at least!!! But the best part, for me personally, was that the whole time he was answering, he was looking right at me (in the very back row, no less), speaking 'to' me, or so it felt anyway. It was SO intense!!! I was trying to concentrate so hard on what he was saying, but damn, it was distracting!! I wondered if maybe I was imagining it, but thankfully, the person sitting next to me actually noticed as well. Completely amazing fangirl moment for me!

ETA: Randy's answer was also new for me. He talked about the end of season one - the scene in the garage. He said that that iconic moment, when he turns his head as Brian calls his name, was not in the original scene. They had already told him he was wrapped - and he was halfway through a bottle of champagne - when they called him back to film that. Just that moment, when he turns (before the crack of the bat). That happy/dreamy look? Yep. Champagne. :-)

The second thing - a quite possibly my favorite moment of the entire day - was at the cocktail reception. Gale and Robert were the second of our 'speed-dates', and somebody at the table asked if there was any story-line/arc that surprised them/they didn't see coming. I know there was more of an answer, but at one point Gale said (speaking to Robert -- and again, sorry, paraphrased) 'How about when we discovered that Brian and Ben had done it?' OMG, the look on Robert's face was absolutely priceless - and Gale... Gale blushed. Bright red. Swear to god. Seven shades of red. "Brian Kinney" can still blush. Best. Moment. Ever.

There is so much more to tell. They were all kind, gracious, warm and grateful. It was a complete pleasure for me and an experience I won't soon forget. It's always a risk to meet people you admire from afar - the potential for disappointment is high - but my expectations were not only met, they were exceeded.

I didn't think we were allowed to photograph so I didn't bring my camera :-( These are a couple images from my phone. Just to show... I was in the very back row, and it was still this close! (Taken with no zoom).


And Gale carrying Scott in on his back. (this one is zoomed - thus the crap quality)


A few more thoughts I posted on GATT but will add here in case folks aren't members...

ETA: I'll add a couple more memories here while they're fresh.

I don't know if this was mentioned by any of the first M&G attendees, but Gale actually spoke about his accident a little. The topic of Justin's bashing came up and the two of them were talking (to each other really, lol) about how they might have played Justin's injuries out differently. Gale asked if he remembered what kind of head injury, exactly, Justin had had. (I suggested damage to the neural pathway, which was all I could remember.) Gale corrected me *g* The original question was whether or not they thought Justin ever found out about Brian having been at the hospital all those nights while he was recovering, and Gale said that he knew for a fact that different people had come to see him shortly after his accident and he had no memory of them being there. He also said that he had some 'memories' come back to him as dreams - which he felt was the brain's way of compensating (and stopping you from going crazy).

BTW, Randy said he thought their (B/J) relationship had progressed enough by the end that Brian would have told him about it. Gale said that Brian would have figured out some way for Justin to find out, air quotes, "accidentally". Heheh.

At some point I asked if either of them had ever watched the series all the way through. Both said no, and I said - well you should, you know. I hear it's a pretty good show. ;-)

Another thing (sorry if this is repetitious for some folks). At the closing panel, something happened, I don't recall what - and Michelle said something which caused the rest of them to lose. their. shit. laughing. Randy was practically on the floor and the rest weren't far behind. At one point Peter (I think) nope, Scott, picked Randy right up in his arms (carry style). I SO hope that when the DVD comes along whatever happened will be clear, but I never saw anyone laugh as hard as Randy did.

Adding some more thoughts as they occur to me (don't tell my boss!!)

I'm sure there are differing opinions on the interaction between Gale and Randy, but for me, they seemed very comfortable with each other. I tried to take in as much as I could through my 'fangirl glasses', lol. I took particular notice of how attentive each of them was while the other spoke. They were really listening, IMO. One would answer, the other would nod, vice-versa. I came away with a very positive vibe from both of them.

Oh, and during the M&G Gale 'twirled' his beard ALL THE TIME!

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