q_dicted (q_dicted) wrote,

Harry Potter amazingness

Not QaF level fandom, but I've read (and loved) all the books twice and enjoyed all the movies, including tonight's finale. It was extremely well done and a fitting end to a long and amazing journey. I'm sure there are a thousand (million?) such posts in journals and blogs and comment sections around the world and nobody needs to read one more, but I didn't decide to post because of the movie, per se. I'm posting because I have been going to the movies since I was about 8 years old (that's a long time ago, y'all). I don't know how many movies I've seen on the big screen, but I'm sure it's in triple digits, and I have never, ever seen spontaneous applause during a film. At the end, yes, a few times. But they applauded when the freaking title card came up! There was a smattering as each character appeared the first time and huge applause at several different moments throughout the film and a huge round at the end. I've experienced this on Broadway and at concerts, but never at a movie. It was quite amazing. I'm still grinning.
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